Uwe Jesdinsky

Uwe Jesdinsky

Der Mann am Bass

Uwe Jesdinsky am Bass  ist seit vielen Jahren eine feste Größe der süddeutschen Bluesszene!

For more than 20 years Uwe Jesdinsky has performed American Blues through out Europe and the USA with such artists like Farrell and Black ,Mick Pini, Frank Frost, Lazy Lester ,Fast Eddy and many others
He’ s currently a member of the Mick Pini Band.
After working as a sideman for many years he gots the feeling, it’s time to do my own thing.
Hope you will enjoy this album, It’s all Blues.”

Harriet Lewis – A Touch Of Ellegance
Richard Ray Farrel l- Live Im Schützenhaus (StoMoRec)
Farrell and Black – Cataract Jump (StoMoRec)
Farrell and Black – Black Limousine (StoMoRec)
Zydeco Playboys – Superficial Satisfaction ?
Mick Pini – Blues Survivor
Mick Pini – Every Thought Of You
Mick Pini – Happy With The Blues (StoMoRec)

neueste CD:
Uwe Jesdinsky: Jumping Blues (StoMoRec)

Uwe Jesdinsky

Uwe Jesdinsky & Mick Pini

Der Bass vom Uwe

Der Bass vom ‚Mann am Bass‘

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