Fast Eddy’s Blue Band

Eddy Wilkinson, the “Voice from London“ formed the band, “Fast Eddy’s Blue Band“ back in October 1990. The band was originally only formed as a short term project. Eddy had been living and performing in the late 80’s in Sydney, Australia with the bands „Shortfused“ and „Eddy’s Got A Brand New Bag. Due to an illness in his family in England, Eddy had to return home to London. As Eddy was back in Europe, he decided to visit some old friends & look up some musician contacts in Germany. He then decided to stay awhile & check out the German music scene.

After forming the Fast Eddy’s Blue Band, & playing around Germany & Switzerland for 6 months with considerable success, he decided to stay on longer in the Stuttgart area of Germany.
It’s now 25 years that the Fast Eddy’s Blue Band, along with Eddy’s Solo and Duo projects has been established here in Germany.

In this time,Eddy has recorded and produced 4 Studio CD productions, and 1 Live CD production:
“1994, Milestone On The Highway“ 1994 / “Honesty“ 1996 / “Blues Hunter“ 2000 / “One Step Ahead Live“ 2006 / “Blues Club“ 2011.

Eddy had been in contact with Alf List from Stormy Monday Records for some years, and there was always talk of Eddy making a CD production with the Stormy Monday record label. Recently Eddy met up again with Alf and together they decided to produce a “Best Of“ CD for the Stormy Monday record label. Well, here it is, a compilation of 16 songs from the 5 CDs from the Fast Eddy’s Blue Band CD collection.
These songs represent the musical development of Eddy and the Fast Eddy’s Blue Band. Half the songs are cover Blues songs from some of Eddy’s favorite Blues artists. The other songs are written & composed by Eddy’s own hand & creativity. These songs give a reflection on the life, the Blues & travels of Eddy Wilkinson, the singer, guitar player, performer & producer.

In the last 25 years, Fast Eddy’s Blue Band has had many of the great talented musicians from the Stuttgart area performing & recording with the band.

One big thanks to all these musicians for their contribution to the story of the “Fast Eddy’s Blue Band“

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